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a cruise 5-star in Ha Long with a swimming pool on the sundeck, with tourists (wearing life jackets) jumping from the ship into the sea. In the sea, many tourists are kayaking (wearing life jackets). The photo has bright colors and is mainly green and blue
Yorkshire loves rocket
Yorkshire bites moonrocket
Yorkshire bites another dog
Yorkshire bites another dog
Yorkshire bites Shiba Inu
musk with yorkie
The logo features a stylized image of a ship sailing on the sea, with a golden sail billowing in the wind. Below the ship, a playful dolphin leaps out of the water, representing joy and hope in the journey. The color scheme is primarily blue and white, evoking a sense of calm and tranquility, with gold accents symbolizing ambition and success. The company name, "Viet Long," is written in a modern sans-serif font beneath the central image, with the slogan "Happy journeys with us" prominently displayed in bold below
Yorkshire Terrier goes Hand in Hand with shiba inu
Yorkshire Terrier goes Hand in Hand with shiba inu
captain yorkie inu to the moon
captain yorkie inu to the moon
captain yorkie inu to the moon
captain yorkie inu to the moon
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